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Once you feel fairly certain your spouse is lying to you, your next step might be trying to get to the truth. I say “trying” because frankly, with a pathological liar you may never know the truth. Brown suggests one strategy is to get a copy of her book, How To Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft and leave it on the kitchen counter.

Know What to Do if Your Spouse Is Lying During Your Divorce Experiencing a divorce is one of the most stressful situations many people will face in life. — September 17, 2021. Contact Us Now: 858-793-8884 Tap Here To Call Us; Covid 19 Update - Learn More. San Diego Divorce Attorneys Blog.

Your cheating spouse will likely seek to lay the blame anywhere they can, but they don’t want you to know just how deliberate their actions are. So don’t be fooled when you hear “I don’t.

10. He doesn’t miss you when you’re gone, and he’s indifferent to your absence. You’ve been gone from home longer than ever, and you’re looking forward to seeing your husband. But when you walk in the door, he doesn’t react. When he looks at you, it’s with more irritation than welcome.

Like you said, consistency. Ask a series of questions, make the first few ones you know the answer to and the subject has no reason to lie. Once you get this line of questioning going, throw in your question. The subjects mannerisms will change because the mind has to think more about a lie than the truth. 4.

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While being unnecessary specific can be a sign of lying too, if your spouse gives you nothing but vague answers, they are probably hiding something. If you persist in trying to get them to answer with more details, they might make you believe that you're crazy for being suspicious.

Here are 9 clear signs your husband is mad at you. He hasn't called you in over 10 minutes: Classic silent treatment. He hasn't done yardwork in ages: Either he knows your favorite shrub needs water and is trying to kill it out of spite, or he doesn't know, which means he doesn't care – even worse! He's always doing yardwork: Another classic.